Martin Vertical Screw Elevators move material upward in a vertical path. They are called vertical lifts or vertical elevators. The Martin Vertical Screw Elevators satisfy many conveyor problems, have the advantage of being compact and can generally handle all materials. Some advantages of Vertical Screw Elevators include the low profile intakes, they are less expensive than a Bucket Elevator, the split housings allow for easy cleaning, the access doors allow for clean-out, and standard screw and shafts can be used.

甘肃11选5前三组选遗漏: Benefits of Martin Vertical Screw Elevators:

  • 甘肃11选5前三值走势图带连线 Offered in a Standard-Duty & a Heavy-Duty Superscrew Elevator option

  • Designed to convey (vertically) a wide range of materials in a relatively small space

  • Heavy-Duty construction increases elevator life, and reduces maintenance time

 Common Applications:

Agricultural Products | Feeds Rendering | Bone Meal | Dried Blood | Mined Products | Salt | Soda Ash | Paper Pulp

Vertical Screw Elevators